EPS-IA Volunteer Leadership

EPS-IA Board of Directors
EPS-IA is governed by a group of thirteen member representatives from five separate membership categories who are elected by their peers. Additionally, EPS-IA's Executive Committee comprised of EPS-IA's Chairman, Vice-Chairman and former Chairman provide advise and consent over EPS-IA's day-to-day operations.

ICFA Board of Directors & Officers


EPS-IA Standing Committees
The EPS-IA has an active committee structure that combines physical meetings, teleconference meetings and electronic communication to accomplish the many tasks that are put forth.

If you would like more information about joining a committee, please email EPS-IA or download the the Committee Membership Application to apply to serve on an EPS-IA Committee.

The following committees are designated as standing committees and shall exist until dissolved by the board.
Executive   Executive Committee - Chairman - Dean Seibert, Vice-Chairman - Jeff Alexander , Immediate Past Chairman - Joe Casassa
Purpose: To act on behalf of the Board on matters of extreme importance that require attention between scheduled board meetings.
Codes and Research

Codes and Research Committee - Chair - Bob Dazel
Purpose: To review, advise or direct technical issues which improve the market acceptance of ICF construction.

Promotion Promotion - Chairman - Carter Benjamin
Purpose: To handle marketing and promotional related tasks.
Standards and Practices Standards and Practices Committee Chairman - Rich Barker
Purpose: To identify best practices and standard construction for the ICF building system and ancillary ICF products.
Membership Membership Committee.- Chairman - Allan Anderson
Purpose: To review existing ICFA member services and benefits and create new programs to increase the membership of EPS-IA.

To view the general rules and guidelines of committees, please read General Rules and Guidelines for Committees.